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Get To Know Us

The rise of technology has truly changed a lot of people’s lives. Its influence has led many to succeed and at the same time fallen short to circumstances of breaking the rules. However, to balance everything, our team has made through teaching young people the advantages and disadvantages of using technology.

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The effect of technology in terms of becoming more productive and effective with opportunities that we can provide in molding these group of people to be a better individual rather than a problem to the cyber world. Should you have more questions, feel free to inquire with the information that is provided on the Contact Us page.

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The World of A Wired Generation

Nowadays, you will see teenagers that are most likely attached to their gadgets especially the mobile phone. The use of internet has widely changed the entire world in terms of staying connected to each other. You will that the bedroom becomes a mini office for people who have the opportunity to work at home and youngsters send text to each other with the use of a messenger application. Its impact became leading way of communication all over the world.

Connected cocooning

This is the term used for teenagers who are just staying at home and playing mobile games, sending to their friends on a group chat, perhaps playing a game on their computer. it has basically made them a group of people that is becoming antisocial towards the reality. The digital devices that are influenced by technology bring the people together in just one fingertip tap. Imagine the life now than it was before. Of course, as time changes, so does the world and the environment. It has also changed the mentality of the younger generation.

Advantages of technology

Taking a step ten times ahead is what technology is all about. Its creating a movement to enhance the means of livelihood for every individual and at the same time it makes the pace faster and things are indeed done quite very quickly. For example, sending files with the use of the same gadgets for as long as it is of the same network. There is always a constant communication and the only excuse that you can say is you lost an internet connection. More so, technology develops each person a mentality that no one can’t live without it anymore because consistency is a must. For example, the use of laptop for taking down notes instead of using a notebook to write and making of assignments.

The advantage of technology is also very influential in terms of knowing the different cultures, tradition and language. It makes you aware of other human being’s experiences through the news and articles that you can find over the internet. This makes your teenager develop a sense of understanding because technology is a massive place of learning.

Technology as a frightening stage

Social mass media can impart a lot of information and details to all people all over the world and whatever it is that your teenager has grasp information can greatly affect them as an individual. For example, looking at the new trends of beauty and fashion. Knowing that the beauty and fashion industry are the most influential. Another example is the trend of having thicker brows through the use of a blade. This termed as “micro lading” in which you will see most women on YouTube and Instagram are talking about and this could be an influence to young women who might want to have the same.

Technology values

As there are moral values, there should also be a technology values that should be instilled to the minds of the younger generation. Keep in mind that it starts within the family in setting up rules regarding wearable technology and handling of gadgets and other forms of technology related. Parents must quick to judge in case there is unusual behaviour that your teenager is manifesting. Sometimes, the world of technology can be depressing especially if these young people begin to compare each other life status. Having them to understand be aware of the usage should be limited in a sense that they can still use but with a short period of time. Moreover, always be on the lookout of making sure that nothing is disclosed over the internet as this can be used against your child’s defence.